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Privacy Policy and Cookies

In accordance with French legislation, Opus Fashion Group (“the Company”) is registered with France’s personal data protection agency (CNIL). Our registration number is 1716988.

In accordance with the legal terms, the Company informs you that we process your personal data in order to operate.

LaThe Company reserves the right to modify at any time its Privacy and Cookies policies. The changes take effect as soon as they are published.

In case you use the website before these changes are made, the changes will not be applied. However, it is your responsibility to keep a copy of the earlier version and we advise you to read the privacy policy regularly.


I – Your personal data

1. What personal data does the company collect and why (purpose)? ?

The personal data collected by the Company is essential to the smooth running of the commercial relationship between the Company and the customers as well as those needed to respond to user requests.

Therefore, the Company collects personal data during your consultation of the website (cookies) and when you use the online rental service.

The data collected as part of an account creation or order placement are as follows:

  • Socio-professional information (name, first name, address, email address). The e-mail address is used for commercial purposes only if you accept it via registration to the newsletter.
  • Information necessary for the delivery (delivery address, post code etc.)
  • Information required for payments (card number, cryptogram, expiry date, etc.) Subject to the legal terms of the GGU, these data are not retained and are only used at the time given for the successful completion of the transaction.
  • Information for the follow-up of commercial relations and to ensure sound completion of the order (number of order, mode of payment, mode of delivery etc.) in the format of an invoice.

The data collected during your navigation on the website (via cookies) are as follows:

  • Minimum tracking data (browser cookies)
  • Data on the contents of your basket in order to be able to store it
  • Data to allow the user to connect

The data collected by the company allows you to take full advantage of our services and benefit from commercial operations.

2. How personal data are collected ?

The collected personal data are those transmitted by you, the users, via an online form that you fill out when you create an account or when you place an order whether it is an order placed by having an account, by creating an account or by as a guest.

The navigation datas are collected through cookies.

3. Who is the controller of the data collected ?

The company is solely responsible for processing the collected data and does not transfer it to any third party for this purpose. Therefore, the Company is the only recipient of the data collected along with the concerned services and the website host.

As the sole data controller, the Company makes all necessary effort to protect the data collected.


II – Your rights

1. What are your rights ?

In accordance with the new Regulation on Personal Data you have:

  • The right to access all your data;
  • The right to object the processing of your data provided that you have a legitimate reason;
  • A right to portability;
  • A right to rectify, update your data at any time (via your account area);
  • A right to delete your data;

2. How to exercise these rights with the company?

To exercise your right of access, your right of rectification, your right of portability, your right to object for legitimate reasons or your right to delete data, you must send your request to the email address, especifying in the subject of your mail “Personal Data Management + the right you want to exercise”. In accordance with law, each application must be accompanied by a copy of your identity card to verify your identity and therefore ensure your right of action on the personal data concerned.

Your request will be processed by us within one month as provided by law.

For your information, we proceed to a database cleaning every three years maxima. Any customer who has not placed an order within this time will be removed from our database.

Regarding other rights and data:

  • To rectify or update your data, go to your account.
  • To unsubscribe from our newsletter, each e-mail has an unsubscribe link provided for this purpose.

III – Security of your data

Our website implements the necessary technologies to guarantee safe navigation and use. Therefore, the company offers secure browsing through encryption.

We also recommend, even if it is not mandatory, entering a strong password when creating the account containing capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

We also recommend that you do not share your password with any third party.


IV – Cookies 

1. What are cookies for ?

When browsing on the company’s website, the Company as described above uses cookies. In order to know the purpose of their uses, see 1.1 of “Privacy Policy & Cookies”.

To navigate and take full advantage of all the features of our website we recommend that you accept cookies (pop-up on the home page). This is not mandatory.

If you refuse all or part of the cookies, we decline all responsibility for any consequences that may result. Moreover, without the acceptance of cookies, the company cannot guarantee that you can benefit from all the features such as login.

2. Cookies management

To choose your preferences regarding cookies and make your own personal cookies selection, click on the configuration of your browser. Each browser being independent and having their own configurations you must confirm your choices on each one of them if you use several navigators.

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